Calling All Singers

Hi everyone,
I hope that you and yours are keeping safe and well in this current crisis.
As it seems it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to rehearse together in the immediate future, I wondered if you might be interested in rehearsing two pieces virtually.
This would be a fundraising project that will last 8 weeks;
28/6  (5.00 pm T & B, 6.00 pm S & A)
5/7                               ”
12/7                            ”
19/7                           ”
26/7 (5.00 pm All)
2/8                               ”
9/8                              ”
16/8 5.00 pm All, Final recording

We’d make a donation to a cancer charity in memory of our dear friend Maxine Ingrouille Kidd, who as you know, sang with the Wedmore opera chorus.
This email is initially for me to poll who may be interested in participating. I would use a piano for rehearsals and orchestral instruments for the performance.

The pieces I have in mind are the Easter hymn from Cav, and a beautiful chorus from the Peart Fishers
Can you let me know if you’re interested?